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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love creating these fabric cards.....

Ahoy! the joy of creating fabric cards si quite something....the infusion of color and mix and match - every new one I paint brings in fresh enthusiasm for another! People seem to love them from what I have seen at my recent hope to keep on making'em....I love cutesy stuff that is unique and conveys something special and every card is designed to just do that!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

hello all,
time to write again....this gloomy weather is a blessing in keeps u home and gets u to cherish the small little things and chores ofcourse never end:).....its just the way of life. But its my lone time after long and I am happy about that-everybody needs a little time out from people and activity involving anybody but yourself. Time to sink in, play with positive memories, relax, rewind, music ofcourse and meditate! simple yet my day and love my life! love every bit of everything that god bestows....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello world!
me back again after a short stint away at trying new things, nesting ideas for biz, redesigning booth display, expansion of inventory, wow , name it and I did it all! including trying new recipes, a FL and Keys vacation, rearranging our furniture, etc etc. Life! what can I say! and its demands are way too many and sometimes not all can wait....
My husband often is the inspiration for new ideas in my art factory. He mooted the idea of fabric cards, something that I tried my hand at and it so turns out that its now one of my loves! what cute little things they have turned out to be!...I hope I can create endless possibilities with these things.....Will test my first response at the Sandy Springs Farmers Market, an upscale weekly event where there are limited artist booths, so limited competition! love it! Will post pics soon too.
I love the idea of mixing and matching colors, patterns based on Autumn and winter/holiday themes. Thats the funnest part-playing with seasons as an artist-something a regular day jobber might not get to do! unless ofcourse one is a designer...
Lotsa family in August and lotsa super shows lined up as well! I am looking forward to an exciting fall and winter. Cheers!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

life! phew small little worries consume the mind one way or the other! Why?! Is it the nature of the mind to worry perennially? or is it a habitual or even genetic make up thing? Some people rarely let worry take over and for some its a way of life! One needs to be extremely organized and prepared to cut worry down but life does not always give you that chance. Sometimes all you have is regrets left on the table. I believe that just letting go of things is something one has to consciously work on on a constant basis. Its one of those decisions you make that will change your outlook forever.....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time to chime in about my life, my love-The Green Groovy! first conscious memory of an artistic creation is that of a hindu temple on water color canvas in grade 6 that went onto fetch me a gold medal. I still remember the simplicity yet profound meaning in that little piece that I painted from my sketches seated on a railway station bench waiting for a train back home.
My husband is an art connoisseur and is a man of good taste. I owe my art career solely to him. Without his support,the green groovy would not have been here!Every piece I make gets better with his unconditional encouragement. There were many a time when I pictured myself an artist for a hobby but never as a full time career.Slowly life figures it all out for you...slowly,shakily...but yet steadily and then bang on!You know that this is what it had to be all along!and there is no look back point from then on.
I love being an ecofriendly artist coz there is so much purpose to art when it serves not only the fulfillment and enjoyment of beauty, but also serves the planet.Two things I love about my work-the "Jute" connection to India(where the golden fibre is predominantly manufactured)and that it is all so 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The texture of jute is addictive. I love the feel of the brush against the rustic, natural jute fabric.A vibrant complete look is the end result.
Every piece is one of its own and rarely gets duplicated. The Green Groovy is art for the people and planet. I hope to build a unique sustainable brand amongst green fashionistas and keep creating, learning, and growing each day.Dream big, think big and stay positive-Big things shall unfold! Cheers Green Groovy!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello again...was enjoying the taste of well steamed brussel sprouts the other night....well as I was carefully peeling the layers, I wondered about the greatness of creation itself. Did God intend to protect everything? Every precious thing has a coating or a sheath to shield it and keep it safe. An egg, a womb,a pearl,our skin,the human brain,silk cocoon,and so many other such examples in nature we find. What a glorious thing indeed! Care, concern, and love of the maker!Its in small little things like these that we find joy and feel the safety and security of life, which by itself has not much of either to it, given its 'anytime anything' nature.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello from the Green Groovy factory:)

Hello...thought I would start off writing a bit about me, my work and then some. But I will save that for later.It can wait as many other things on my to-do list. This morning, I woke up with a strange feeling of being overly positive, which I guess can be overwhelming and confusing in its own way. A friend I was talking to last night after a long time told me about "The Secret". No wonder then for my morning state of affairs! But as always, anything this deeply profound and analytical in nature sets off my thinking in a weird million ways...such as What if everything you truly and deeply want comes true out of positive thinking and constant affirmations, then what is this thing called destiny, if at all? The concept of "You are the creator of your own destiny" which is by far the best positive spiritual maxim for everybody's benefit connects to the secret, to explain the above. All is well that ends well but the tricky thing is when bad or negative or 'unplanned for' things do happen even to very good, happy and positive individuals, we are left in a lurch for answers. Aren't we told by the wise that life is but a cocktail of pain and pleasure? Not everybody who seeks money,success,health,fame,great relationships gets all of 'em. If they did just by positive thinking, then it would be the most perfect human life 'avatar' of all times. How many people do we know who has it all? My opinion and logic makes me truly believe that positivity is a very good thing for all and at all times,its a magical life transforming mantra surely,stick to it! But also, be positive when the things you repeatedly wish for do not shape up the way you had imagined or visualized them. I think that's when destiny, the part of it that's not fully in your control comes into picture. That's when God or his power has its part to play.There are some aspects of our lives beyond our control and our thought process. Its that simple concept of "Let Go"! letting go to the higher power which exactly knows what to give and in what measure and when.....Its always complicated the relationship between things and their interconnectedness. A big bout of positivity coupled with unconditional faith in God or the higher power should do wonders for the seeker of a good fulfilling life. You cannot do without one or the other!