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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello world!
me back again after a short stint away at trying new things, nesting ideas for biz, redesigning booth display, expansion of inventory, wow , name it and I did it all! including trying new recipes, a FL and Keys vacation, rearranging our furniture, etc etc. Life! what can I say! and its demands are way too many and sometimes not all can wait....
My husband often is the inspiration for new ideas in my art factory. He mooted the idea of fabric cards, something that I tried my hand at and it so turns out that its now one of my loves! what cute little things they have turned out to be!...I hope I can create endless possibilities with these things.....Will test my first response at the Sandy Springs Farmers Market, an upscale weekly event where there are limited artist booths, so limited competition! love it! Will post pics soon too.
I love the idea of mixing and matching colors, patterns based on Autumn and winter/holiday themes. Thats the funnest part-playing with seasons as an artist-something a regular day jobber might not get to do! unless ofcourse one is a designer...
Lotsa family in August and lotsa super shows lined up as well! I am looking forward to an exciting fall and winter. Cheers!

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