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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time to chime in about my life, my love-The Green Groovy! first conscious memory of an artistic creation is that of a hindu temple on water color canvas in grade 6 that went onto fetch me a gold medal. I still remember the simplicity yet profound meaning in that little piece that I painted from my sketches seated on a railway station bench waiting for a train back home.
My husband is an art connoisseur and is a man of good taste. I owe my art career solely to him. Without his support,the green groovy would not have been here!Every piece I make gets better with his unconditional encouragement. There were many a time when I pictured myself an artist for a hobby but never as a full time career.Slowly life figures it all out for you...slowly,shakily...but yet steadily and then bang on!You know that this is what it had to be all along!and there is no look back point from then on.
I love being an ecofriendly artist coz there is so much purpose to art when it serves not only the fulfillment and enjoyment of beauty, but also serves the planet.Two things I love about my work-the "Jute" connection to India(where the golden fibre is predominantly manufactured)and that it is all so 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The texture of jute is addictive. I love the feel of the brush against the rustic, natural jute fabric.A vibrant complete look is the end result.
Every piece is one of its own and rarely gets duplicated. The Green Groovy is art for the people and planet. I hope to build a unique sustainable brand amongst green fashionistas and keep creating, learning, and growing each day.Dream big, think big and stay positive-Big things shall unfold! Cheers Green Groovy!

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